Jeff Armstrong

Profile Updated: March 2, 2010
Jeff Armstrong
Residence: Cincinnati, OH USA
Spouse/Partner: Carol Kirch (THS'81)
Children: Jen, born 1989 lives in Charlotte, NC
Liz, born 1992 going to Bowling Green, fall 2010
Britt, More…born 1997 soon to be an only child (& loving it)
Occupation: School Psychologist, Cincinnati Public Schools
Yes! Attending Reunion

Left School. Joined the Army. Discovered a certain set of skills. Recruited by the CIA. Went into business for myself. I kill people for a living, and yes, I get dental with that.
Not really.
I just see many of life's situations in quirky movies.
Like this one.
Actually, I went away to Purdue, where I lost, then had to scramble to find myself and graduate on time back at UC. Married Carol and went to Miami U, where we stayed friends with Mark & Lisa Ericksen (and I was a classmate of Bill Croskey!). Interned in Loveland, worked a year in New Richmond, then the last couple of decades in Cincinnati Public. Meanwhile, we had three beautiful daughters, and built a very 'normal' suburban home and lifestyle. We designed our second house ourselves, in which the market now has us 'underwater.'
For those of you who remember the Armstrong household, you should know that Randy, my sister, Joelle, and now my folks, all live in the Houston area. I'm proud of the former, and envy the latter (they're retired...). But the pool is closed.

school story:

(under consideration)

What's been your favorite place to visit/vacation?

When my folks retired, they upgraded their motor home and went all the way northwest, and invited us to spend a week with them in Alaska. The Kenai peninsula is the most beautiful and peaceful (yet accessible) place I've ever known. Even better than Maui, though that's a close second. I'm so glad that our whole family got to enjoy both of those together.

What are your hobbies and/or passions?

I'm about as boring as most folks could imagine. I read a lot, enjoy movies, bowl, and got duped into managing our reef aquarium. My passion has definitely been raising our daughters so that they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are loved, trusted, and competent young folks. So I spend/spent a lot of time doing their activities until they, as teens, gave me signs to butt out.

What's on your bucket list? (What things do you want to do before you die?)

(I'll need to think about this one)

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