Missing Classmates

 Help us find EVERYBODY from the THS class of 1979.  We do not have a street or email address for the people on this list.  The school district does not keep this information either, so this website will become our definitive method to keep track of everybody.  Please contact everybody you know and have them register for this site and update their contact information!

Diana Adams
Joseph Allen
Brenda Arthur (Trumpeter)
Tracy Best
Jennifer Bishop
Jim Boyd
Bonnie Brueggeman
Diana Burris
Jim Caddell
Danny Clark
Tim Collins
Christine Comberger
Phillip Coosaia
Debbie Dale (Kramer)
Andrea Darrish (Wilder)
Michelle De Nuoscio
Christopher Engle
Teresa Fish
Juanita Fore
Karen Fritsch (Sparks)
David Galloway
Doug Garrigan
Patrick Giblin
Sue Gillespie
Choral Gleis
Vicki Grepps (Gleis)
Jeff Grimmeissen
Angela Ham
John Hayward
Victoria Heming (Thomas)
Barb Herman
Marlain Hoffman
Laura Hoffmann (Fibbe)
Scott Holmes
Scooter Humphries
Mary Kauffung
Mark Kisker
Kim Kurtz
Mary Motz (Joseph)
Cheryl Myers (Young)
Ross Myers
Jeff Page
Sabrina Rensel
Kathy Roberts
Monica Romero
Steve Schlechty
Tom Seaborn
Lynn Sealander
Chery Sharpe
Kevin Slaugter
Garrett Slone Jr.
Kim Sluder
Steve Souder
Holly Suedhof
Steve Swallen
Jim Tate
Lisa Thompson
Brad Van Etten
Tammy Vaughan
Vicky Vaughan
Suzy Waldron (Roth)
Kristine Wardle
Sandra Williams
Lee Young
Bryan Zirkle

Guest Members

Holly Hock (Bell)