Jeff Dixon

Profile Updated: April 28, 2010
Jeff Dixon
Residence: Tucson, AZ USA
Children: dodged that bullet lol , hmm maybe later.
Occupation: Entrepenuer, electrical engineer,
Military Service: 173rd airborne, 58 jumps in 6 countries.  
Yes! Attending Reunion

got out of high school spent 4 years in the 173rd airborne, wounded Iraq turkey border on training mission, just a small shrapmetal in leg, Im good.

got out of military got my Bachelors electrical from went worth institute of technology Boston Mass.

got married twice maybe a third soon lol why not.
no kids, Started Enerdel corp, original engineering team started Vicor, then went to work at Micrel semi conductor made millions in stock options and lost most of it in the 9/11 stocl crash lol. spent last 3 years flying 130K a year for Texas instrument WW Strategic Marketing manager
and living in Tucson Mass. See all that pot I smoked in the smoking area worked for me lol

school story:

Hmm Me and Joe mickovic took out his heavy chevy chevelle got chased by cops, I bailed walked home 10 miles with only my jeans on not sure what happened that night. Joe kept going smashed his car but was ok, his dad well not very happy with us. Guess I still like too party have a good time work hard and play hard.

Do you have any kids who are currently going, or who have graduated from Turpin?

nopw no kids

Do you get back to Cincinnati often? If so, how often?


Would you ever like to live in Cincinnati again?


What's been your favorite place to visit/vacation?

been to 40 countries due to military and work so guess vicenza italy near venice, and oddessa on black sea in ukraine.

What are your hobbies and/or passions?

traveling, start up copanies, fast cars and goregous women

What's on your bucket list? (What things do you want to do before you die?)

have not gotten down to south america, and want to spend more time in africa only been to cape town but loved the place and the people.

Where would you like to retire?

Tucson and vicenza italy

Any words of wisdom?

set your important goals, dont deviate no matter how long or hard, if its a core gola dont be a quitter, I spent 8 years to get a 4 year degree but would never have accomplished most of the things in my life with out a hard core attatitude towards my main life goals.

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