Brian McClure

Profile Updated: October 31, 2019
Brian McClure
Residence: Littleton, CO USA
Spouse/Partner: Stacy McClure
Children: Taylor, born 1987; Lasca, born 1989; Grandson Andre, born 2008; Granddaughter Isabella, born 2011; Granddaughter More…Oliviana, born 2016
Occupation: Assistant Director, Cigna Legal
Yes! Attending Reunion

Left Cincinnati in 1980 for Colorado. Traveled around the western US for a few years playing music full-time (drums). Married in 1984, started a family and graduated from University of Colorado, Boulder in 1989. I've worked in the legal field for over 20 years, and continue to play music on weekends in two different bands (Blues, Rock, Country). Became single again in 2004. My two kids are grown but still live in Colorado, and I now have a grandson.
2019 Update: I remarried in 2010 to Stacy Cushing (now McClure) and now have 3 grandkids. I still live in Roxborough, part of metro Denver area. Still work for the legal department at Cigna, and still play the drums in a couple of bands (mostly country and bluegrass).

school story:

No one particular memory stands out - participating in the school plays were a lot of fun. High School at Turpin was a great experience for me. I had a wide cross-section of friends from throughout the school. And who could forget the "smoking lounge" out front :)

Do you get back to Cincinnati often? If so, how often?

I used to get to Cincy more frequently, but not so much in recent years.

Would you ever like to live in Cincinnati again?

Sure, if circumstances make it possible

What's been your favorite place to visit/vacation?

Many of my vacations over the years have been to come back to Cincy to visit my family. I do love the west/southwestern US though.

What are your hobbies and/or passions?

Music, reading, hiking, traveling.

Where would you like to retire?

Where it's warm most of the time.

Any words of wisdom?

"You get what you pay for"

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